Flat Fee MLS Listing Services for For Sale By Owners and For Rent By Owners

Upfront Payment Plans*
(No extra Fees when property sells or rents)

For Sale/For Rent Listing

1 Month     - $69 **
6 Months   - $99
12 Months - $139


Deferred Payment Plans
(Pay balance of $380 only when property sells.)
12 Months For Sale    - $19
Click here for details

*Lowest price available, varies by MLS.
**One month listing is not available in all markets

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Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service for FSBOs and FRBOs

5 Easy Steps Towards Thousands of Savings Through Flat Fee MLS

Step 1
Place your order online.
a. Decide the length of time you would like your house listed in the primary areas we cover ( DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia) MLS.
b. Choose wich Optional Service(s) you would like to avail
c. Go to the Check-out process using PayPal. Please note that you are NOT REQUIRED to create a PayPal account in order to pay us.
d. Take note of the PayPal Transaction ID right after making the payment

Step 2

Provide us basic information about you and your property. You will receive an email with your login details after clicking the button below.
Property Type     
Payment Type    
Listing Type    
MLS Area
Property Number & Street Name    
Your PayPal Email Address  
Email Address to Contact You.
This will be your login id.
First Name    
Last Name    
Best Phone Number to Reach You    

Step 3

Enter your property details.

Step 4

Upload your photos.

Note: The MLS requires at least one photo, it has to be the external front photo of the property. It should be the external front photo of the building if the property is a Condominium. All photos uploaded have to be your own photos and not subject to any copyright protections. No For Sale Sign or any added text permitted in the Photos. No living creature should be displayed in the photos.

Step 5
Sign the Listing Agreement electronically through Adobe Echosign

Incomplete entry and/or documents will delay entry of your home to the MLS.