Flat Fee MLS Listing Services for For Sale By Owners and For Rent By Owners

Upfront Payment Plans*
(No extra Fees when property sells or rents)

For Sale/For Rent Listing

1 Month     - $69 **
6 Months   - $99
12 Months - $139


Deferred Payment Plans
(Pay balance of $380 only when property sells.)
12 Months For Sale    - $19
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*Lowest price available, varies by MLS.
**One month listing is not available in all markets

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Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service for FSBOs and FRBOs

For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Open House Announcements

The MLS has a specific area for Open House announcements. Most 3rd party websites allow buyers to search for properties having an open house on a particular date. Maximize the potential of your For Sale By Owner MLS Listing by doing an Open House and announcing them to the world. With gas prices now sky rocketting, buyers don't drive around anymore looking for properties or Open Houses. They search the internet so your For Sale By Owner MLS Listing better have an Open House announcement in the MLS or they wont know about it.

Open House announcements cannot be placed in the public or internet remarks of the listing.

The advantages of doing a regular Open House are:
1. You have direct access to the buyers
2. Most buyers that go to an Open House have no agents, no Buyer Agents to pay
3. It keeps you mindfull that you are selling your house
4. It lets agents know that you are serious and actively selling your house

One Time Open House announcement in MLS. $19
Unlimited Open House announcement in MLS $39