Flat Fee MLS Listing Services for For Sale By Owners and For Rent By Owners

Upfront Payment Plans*
(No extra Fees when property sells or rents)

For Sale/For Rent Listing

1 Month     - $69 **
6 Months   - $99
12 Months - $139


Deferred Payment Plans
(Pay balance of $380 only when property sells.)
12 Months For Sale    - $19
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*Lowest price available, varies by MLS.
**One month listing is not available in all markets

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Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service for FSBOs and FRBOs

CSS and Electronic Lock Box for For Sale By Owner MLS Listing

Cenralized Showing Service is a popular service used by many agents. With CSS For Sale By Owners like you get the following benefits:
1. A single familiar number for agents to call when they want to arrange showing on your property
2. It is like having a secretary who will always answer agents call and relay your instruction how to show your property
3. It has a feedback system that will automatically email agents and ask feedback on your property. You could be missing on something that prevents your house from selling quickly that an agent could tell you through the feedback system.
4. It maintains a log of agents who showed your property. A broadcast message can be sent to alll agents who showed your property for things like price change or bonuses. There is a $19 fee for this.

Open the door for the agent, use a combination lock box or use the secured Electronic Lockbox, your call.

Opening the door for the agents is not always practical. Buyers who work with agents usually work on a set time. They usually look at several houses at a given day on a 1 to 3 hour window. Some buyers skip viewing your property if it is not available for viewing at the time they want. You could be missing on the next buyer of your property.

Combination* lock boxes are convinient and they can be easily purchased at your nearest hardware stores. While it is convinient, it is not really secured unless you keep on changing the combination everytime you have a showing. With the combination lockbox, there is no way to tell who and when the lockbox was opened.

The electronic lockbox is the answer if you are a For Sale By Owner really serious about security. The electronic lockbox has the following advantages:
1. The public does not have an easy access on opening it.
2. It can only be opened by a pin and a card or electronic device assigned to an authorized person. Authorized person can be any person who is a member of the MLS, usually a Real Estate Agent.
3. A report can be run that will show who and when the lockbox was opened. There is a $19 fee to run this report.

*CVR MLS prohibits the use of combination lock boxes, you either use the electronic lock box or open the door for the agent.

Price includes shipping and handling

Centralized Showing Service - Agents will call a single number where you can give instructions how to show your property. Agents who showed your property will get an email asking feedback about your property.
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MRIS Sentrilock E-Lock Box Lease - with 100 deposit $200
CSS Bundled MRIS Sentrilock E-Lock Box Lease - with 100 deposit
Agents call CSS to schedule a showing, comes with electronic feedback system. Save $10.
CVR MLS Supra E-Lock Box Lease - with 100 deposit. $169
CSS Bundled CVR MLS Supra E-Lock Box Lease - with 100 deposit
Agents call CSS to schedule a showing, comes with electronic feedback system. Save $10.