Flat Fee MLS Listing Services for For Sale By Owners and For Rent By Owners

Upfront Payment Plans*
(No extra Fees when property sells or rents)

For Sale/For Rent Listing

1 Month     - $69 **
6 Months   - $99
12 Months - $139


Deferred Payment Plans
(Pay balance of $380 only when property sells.)
12 Months For Sale    - $19
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*Lowest price available, varies by MLS.
**One month listing is not available in all markets

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Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service for FSBOs and FRBOs

Frequently Asked Question

Can I put my property in the MLS without hiring a Real Estate agent (Realtor)?

No, you cannot. The MLS is only available to its members. Only licensed member Real Estate agents who are member of the National Association of Realtors can enter a listing to the MLS they are member of.
That is where our Flat Fee MLS listing service comes in very helpfull. We get your property listed in the MLS with a nominal fee.

What areas do you currently serve Flat Fee MLS Listing?

We serve the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Georgia. We also have nationwide coverage through our parnter network of Flat Fee MLS Listing providers.

What is the MLS in Washington, DC?

Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia share a single MLS called MRIS®(Metropolitan Regional Information Systems).

What is the MLS in Maryland?

Maryland's MLS is MRIS®(Metropolitan Regional Information Systems). The website run by MRIS for the public to see the Properties listed is MRISHomes.com or formerly HomesDatabase.com®
Ocean City and it's neighbooring counties has another MLS called the Coastal Association of Realtors MLS

How many MLS are there in Virginia?

Virginia has many MLSs. We carry MRIS, SWVAR, HRAR, LAR, CVR and NVR and REIN. We also provide Flat Fee MLS Listing service through our parnter network throughout Virginia in areas we do not carry directly

What MLS in Pennsylvania do you carry?

We carry TREND, GWBAR and MRIS. We also provide Flat Fee MLS Listing service through our parnter network throughout Pennsylvania in areas we do not carry directly

What MLS in Florida do you carry?

We carry MFR AND NEFAR. We also provide Flat Fee MLS Listing service through our parnter network throughout Florida in areas we do not carry directly

What MLS in Georgia do you carry?

We carry GAMLS and FMLS. We also provide Flat Fee MLS Listing service through our parnter network throughout Georgia in areas we do not carry directly

How long does it take for my Property to show up on an MLS and REALTOR.COM®?

Your Property will be available on MLS usually within 24 hours of our receipt of all your completed documents. It usually takes about 48 hours for your Property to show up on the Realtor.com®. The same time hold true whether you avail of our Flat Fee MLS Listing or of our Full Service Program.

Are you affiliated with REALTOR.COM®?

No, we are not. Realtor.com is owned and controled by the National Associaltion of Realtors. We are a member of the National Association of Realtors though.

What Websites will my Property appear with MLS?

It will be virtually imppossible to list all the websites that your Property will appear through the MLS. Imagine every single Real Estate Broker Website and every Real Estate Agent Website in your area. The most popular website though are REALTOR.COM®, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, MSN, AOL and The Wall Street Journal online.

Why is it very important that you deal directly with a Flat Fee MLS Listing provider rather than an middle man?

Most of our competitors are national advertising or referral companies. All they do is to advertise the Flat Fee MLS listing service and receive the orders. Once the order is received, they pass it on mostly to the big Real Estate brokers around. Every call that these big Real Estate Brokers will receive on your property will then be THEIR buyers and not yours. Most buyers do the home search themselves. When they see a property they like, they usually call the Listing Agent/Broker. Calls received by the big Real Estate Brokers are passed on to their agent in-house. These agents will show your property to the buyer and will earn a commission if the buyer ends up buying your house. These will also likely show other properties to the buyer, giving the buyer more options to choose from. The scenario above will not happen if we are your Flat Fee MLS Listing provider. All calls to us goes to a voice mail that is then converted to an audio file that we forward to you so you can call the buyer directly. Any emails we receive for your property will also be forwarded to you. We will never convert your buyer to be our buyer.

How does your Satisfaction Guarantee work?

We are committed to provide you the best service possible and our goal is to be the best Flat Fee MLS listing service provider in the nation. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will refund your full payment as long as your listing is not activated in the MLS yet. We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and understands what it means to provide top notch customer satisfaction.

How does the 24 hour turnaround or your listing is free work?

We understand how important timing is in selling your home. We process all your request within 24 hours (except on Holiidays and on situations beyond our control such as the MLS or external network is down). We will refund you your payment if we cannot keep up with this promise.
The 24 hour turnaround clock starts from the time you completed all the requirements. The 24 hour clock resets everytime we have to get back to you for missing information required by the MLS.

How does the Money Back Program work?

There may be situations when you are no longer able to handle the selling of your property due to various reasons. Don't just let your Real Estate agent friend or aquaintance handle the selling of your home. Hire a Real Estate agent who has sold several houses in your neighborhood. We know who the top agents in your area are since we have access to the MLS. We can give you a list of these agents and even pre-arrange a 5% listing fee instead of 6%. We give you back all the money you paid us once your property sells through one of the agents we provided you from our list.

Will my name and number be in the MLS?

Yes, your name and number will be the MLS as the showing contact. Agents need to coordinate everything to you which includes questions, showings, presentation of offer and everything else.
Keep note though that 3rd party sites like Realtor.com are not the MLS itself. Your name and number will not show up in 3rd party sites to due security reasons. It is an MLS restriction and not ours. No Flat Fee MLS service providers or even Full Service Listing agents can have your name and number displayed in all 3rd party sites.

Do I have to be at home when an Agent wants to show my Property?

It is advisable that you are not at home when an Agent shows your Property. Some Buyers cannot concentrate on the home when the Owner is around. You can purchase a Combination Lockbox from us or Lease the more secured Electronic Lock Box if you wish.


More FAQ will be added as we get more questions from you.